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Website now updated

Greetings Just a quick message letting you know that the website is now fully online.

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NeuroMe released!

RoclaWeb is releasing NeuroMe. A social network dedicated to the share of knowledge. Students, Teachers, Professors, simple Individual, anybody can join the community and spread knowledge with anything: class notes, news, etc… We offer...

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RoclaMatrix offers a Tor Relay

Greetings, RoclaMatrix is proud to annonce that, from today, we offer a Tor Relay for the Tor Project, . Rocla

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First Rocla Musics are out!

Greetings, You may now listen to the first musics made by Rocla Musics, a Rocla Matrix Production, on youtube.   I hope you will enjoy them. New musics are being in progress of...

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New promotional concept: Online TV-Show

Rocla Matrix is working a new promotional concept. It will be a free serie, diffused online as a TV-Show. Its goal will be to promote us. We have the bases such as the story...